Gait Analysis Physiotherapy and Assessment

Whether you’re a competitive runner or a jogging enthusiast, you might assume you don’t need gait analysis. But are you really performing your best while actively preventing injuries? 


Maybe you’ve been running for years, but your performance plateaued long ago. Or maybe you’re new to running and you’re experiencing pain that you’re not sure how to address.


Gait analysis is fundamental to improving your athletic performance while preventing injuries. Versa Movement Collective’s gait analysis experts in Calgary use advanced technologies to assess your biomechanical needs, regardless of your running experience or level. 

What is Gait Analysis?

At VersaMC in SW Calgary, we use cutting edge running physiotherapy methodologies so you can understand precisely how your body moves and how to optimize it. Proper gait analysis is so much more than a store clerk watching you run for a moment before telling you which shoe to buy. Our specialists use an integrated approach to address your range of motion holistically. 


Everyone has unique patterns of movement and posture. These patterns influence your athletic performance and risk of injury. Gait analysis uses wearable technology to assess the way your body moves at various levels of activity. By observing your movement in multiple environments, our physiotherapy specialists map the unique interactions between the multiple aspects of how your body moves.


We’ll analyze your stability, strength, flexibility and overall mobility to determine precisely what it takes for you to improve as a runner. Gait analysis is exactly what you need to improve your range of motion, prevent injuries and enhance your allover running performance.

Is Gait Analysis Worth It?

Gait assessment is key to understanding the complex ways your body moves. Without proper gait analysis, you’ll never know how to optimize your running performance. Worse yet, you’re at a higher risk of getting injured. 


Save yourself from the frustration of performance plateaus and the pain of running injuries by coming in to have your gait analyzed using our advanced methods. Our running physiotherapy experts have experience working with athletes of all skill levels, so we can help you no matter your unique needs. 

Why Versa Movement Collective?

Conventional methods just don’t compare to VersaMC’s advanced gait analysis techniques. Usually, gait assessments only analyze your movement on a treadmill in a facility. But our highly-skilled physiotherapy team knows that these assessments don’t reflect everyone’s true patterns of movement.


Our running physiotherapist in Calgary will assess your gait in authentic running environments so that we can uncover how your body moves in the real world. You’ll run at a variety of paces and have your movement assessed using ultra-high-speed video. 


After proper evaluation, you’ll receive information on how to improve your running on every level. Our experts will show you how to optimize your strength and range of motion. We’ll use our integrated approach to help you prevent injuries from overuse or improper form and recommend the best running shoes for your unique gait.


You can trust our gait analysis physiotherapy experts because we’re the best in the field. We’ve helped over 2000 runners to enhance their athletic abilities, all while preventing much-dreaded running injuries. Our gait analysis specialists combine all the latest in innovative technology, applied physics and athletic coaching to get you running at your very best.

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