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New Year New You? Not So Fast, Please.

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Every spring without fail, the incidence of running related injuries spikes in every clinic I’ve ever worked in. The reason is always the same, over use type soft tissue injuries directly related to a “too much, too fast” training approach to prepare for the upcoming race season.

This is understandable in a place like Alberta where snow and ice can cover our roads and trails for 7 months. Then we get about 4 weeks of half decent outdoor conditions before the first wave or races are upon us. Just as predictable as the increase in running injuries, is the question I have for each newly injured runner, “what have you been doing all winter?” Answers range from “nothing” to “running on a treadmill”, but seldom do answers include “strength training” and “preventative maintenance” to build a more resilient body for the upcoming running season.

So how do we prevent this injuries from happening? You guessed it, MOVEMENT. Contact our team to ensure you have a solid strength and conditioning program in place before you hit those goals of yours.



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We offer a comprehensive support service that is tailored toward long term golf injury prevention that combines with movement assessment, personal training and technical skill development.


VersaMC is inspired by the multi-modal approach of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI); where medical, fitness, and coaching professionals work together to help a player accelerate their game and play injury free. In collaboration with head teaching professional Jay Myren (Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club), the VersaMC team is passionate about seeing the TPI model put into practice in the Calgary area. Success of this model is easily visible on the professional tours, collegiate and amateur levels; and is most effective when all of the disciplines are able to work under one roof. VersaMC is proud to have partnered with Priddis Greens Golf and Country club where we are able to utilize their state of the art Performance Centre. This represents a fantastic opportunity to fully implement the golf physiotherapy TPI model with a strong emphasis on coaching and technical development; excellent technological tools including K-Vest, Trackman, and Boditrak; along with a versatile space that allows for year round player development.


Our integrated multi-disciplinary approach provides the best possible pathway to staying injury free long term. We combine physiotherapy support with biomechanical assessment, strength training and technical coaching to ensure you build a resilient body that can handle the demands of your sport.