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How To Maximize Time on the Bike & Minimize Time in the Clinic.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

In Alberta summer’s are short so it is normal to pack in as much activity as possible in the absence of snow. Multiple days of intense activity without proper maintenance between can take a toll on the body. This is often the cause of typical mid-summer injuries seen in the clinic.  We just can’t forget about the maintenance side of things. This topic has come to mind after multiple days of mountain biking personally, and many discussions with clients riding on the trails and on the road.  

When considering the basics of any injury prevention program it is important to consider the concept of “opposites”. Too much of the same thing causes trouble; so we do the opposite to stay out of it. On a bike, we spend long periods hunched forward, back rounded, chest closed, and hips flexed. “Opposites” would then tell us we need to sit up and extend the back, open the chest, and extend the hips. 

Here are a few examples: 

Keeping the upper back moving into extension and stretching the chest help combat the rounded positions we often find ourselves in on the bike. This also helps facilitate breathing which is positionally compromised on the bike if we’re not aware of our posture, or can’t physically get into a more conducive position.

T-spine extension on roller

Chest stretch on roller

Tight hip flexors commonly occur when we spend prolonged periods in seated positions; they also can contribute to a myriad of issues for the hips and low back. 

½ kneeling hip flexor stretch with side flex

Additionally, rolling well hydrated muscles can expedite recovery after activity and help the body prepare for tomorrow’s ride. 

This is far from an exhaustive list, and there are many different ways to achieve the same results. These are just a few simple techniques a person can use to maximize their time on the trail, and minimize their time in the clinic. 

And what happens when you tighten up while on the trails? Watch below - we've got you covered!

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