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Golf is a Sport

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Despite what some people think, golf is a sport. More specifically it is a rotational power sport. While the golf industry would have you believe the secret to ultimate game improvement is this year’s latest equipment, the best piece of equipment every player has is their own body.  

A nasty slice, inconsistent ball striking, not hitting the ball as far; these are common complaints from many players and are rooted in various swing faults. But what if a swing fault exists not because you suck at golf (let’s face it, most of us do), but because your body isn’t moving the way it’s supposed to, then what? Hitting a thousand balls at the range will only reinforce what is causing that slice if the underlying problem isn’t addressed. The shiny new driver might mask the problem for a short time, but fundamental movement problems will ultimately prevail.

Versa Performance Golf is dedicated to addressing this very scenario. Inspired by the multi-modal approach used by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI); we provide a collaborative setting where players work with TPI Certified medical, fitness, and coaching professionals; using technologies such as K-Vest for real time movement and swing analysis; to figure out the problem. From there the medical and fitness team will make sure your body is moving the way it needs to so our golf coach can get you swinging the way you were intended to, rather than figuring out ways to swing around your bodies’ limitations.

Not only is this approach useful for improving your golf game, it is transferable across all types of sports and activities. Better movement is better movement plain and simple, and the benefits go well beyond the golf course. Improved rotational strength and stability are as useful for shovelling snow as they are on the first tee. It’s difficult to say the same thing about that new driver.

Versa Performance Golf is committed to promoting the healthy and athletic side of golf. We are committed to building athletes that play golf, not just golfers; and through our approach we are committed to injury prevention so golf can truly be a lifelong game regardless of age.

If you are looking to improve your game and overall health this winter, consider investing in your body before making another investment in your golf bag.

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