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The team feels that it is time we address COVID-19 as communities are growing increasingly concerned with the announcements of local cases.We always have, and will continue to use hospital grade cleaning solutions to sanitize our beds and diligently follow AHS protocols. We have taken it upon ourselves to increase cleaning and disinfecting protocols on high touch points such as the debit/credit machine, front desk surface, door handles and all exercise equipment touch points.

If you or any members of your family have symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing, have travelled outside of Canada or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, stay home and call Health Link 811.

Please note during this time, there will be no penalties for cancelling appointments last minute. The safety and health of our patients and clients are of the upmost importance.

AHS recommends the following to help prevent respiratory illnesses including flu and COVID-19 from spreading:

Wash your hands often and well. Avoid touching your face, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.Avoid close contact with people who are sick. 

Clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched. 

Stay at home and away from others if you are feeling ill. 

When sick, cover your cough and sneezes and then wash your hands.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. We're always happy to chat.

Sincerely,Lindsey, Evan & the entire VersaMC Team.


(403) 727-0802

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We offer a comprehensive support service that is tailored toward long term golf injury prevention that combines with movement assessment, personal training and technical skill development.


VersaMC is inspired by the multi-modal approach of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI); where medical, fitness, and coaching professionals work together to help a player accelerate their game and play injury free. In collaboration with head teaching professional Jay Myren (Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club), the VersaMC team is passionate about seeing the TPI model put into practice in the Calgary area. Success of this model is easily visible on the professional tours, collegiate and amateur levels; and is most effective when all of the disciplines are able to work under one roof. VersaMC is proud to have partnered with Priddis Greens Golf and Country club where we are able to utilize their state of the art Performance Centre. This represents a fantastic opportunity to fully implement the golf physiotherapy TPI model with a strong emphasis on coaching and technical development; excellent technological tools including K-Vest, Trackman, and Boditrak; along with a versatile space that allows for year round player development.


Our integrated multi-disciplinary approach provides the best possible pathway to staying injury free long term. We combine physiotherapy support with biomechanical assessment, strength training and technical coaching to ensure you build a resilient body that can handle the demands of your sport.