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A Personal Note From Us to You.

To our most dear and valued clients,

Lindsey, Mat and I sincerely hope you are all doing well. 

First we would like to thank you for supporting our business over the past 16 months. Obviously our new business would not be successful without you. On a personal level you have all helped contribute to the realization of a dream. To that point, few words are adequate in expressing our gratitude. Not only for your business, but more importantly for the friendships developed along the way. With all of that said, a letter like this is extremely difficult to write. 

The only certainty about today’s reality is its uncertainty. To that end we wanted to bring some clarity to what business will look like for VersaMC and our clients over the next little while. Alberta Health Services has ordered the closure of non-essential close contact physiotherapy services except for the provision of urgent or emergency care. The definition of “urgent” has been left up to the regulatory bodies of each regulated health care profession. The definition provided by The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta is added to the bottom of this letter. 

This is why some clinics remain open and some are closed. Given the small number of our clients that could be defined as “urgent”, we feel it is in the best interest of the overall health of our clients and their families; our therapists and their families; and to the overall health of our society to remain closed. As a Physiotherapist, coming into close contact with several people per day not only puts myself and my family at risk, but it also makes me a central point of contact between the people I see, which also means the people they’ve seen, and so on. Even with patient screening and enhanced sanitary practices, we cannot guarantee to catch every source of transmission. 

For these reasons we have decided to embrace the Telehealth (virtual) model. This platform allows our clients to benefit from the same knowledge and experience that has helped them in the past while we all continue to do our part in slowing this COVID thing down. 

The success of our clients, and our business is built largely on the concept of empowerment. This comes through the education we provide our clients and the exercises we prescribe so people can help themselves. Despite all of the treatment options I have at my disposal, the right exercise is a very powerful tool and is essential to getting better. IMS and manual therapy can help speed something up, but our treatments are only as good as the exercises they are reinforced with. Options such as Telehealth allow us to listen to you, educate you, and continue to empower you in order to get back to the activities you love. Yes it’s a different way of doing things, no it’s not appropriate in all cases, but don’t dismiss the power of the right education and guidance. 

More than anything, we can’t wait to see your faces back in our beautiful space. But in the meantime your progress doesn’t have to stop. I will be reaching out to all of you in the coming days to see how you are doing overall (not just about your injury), and then we can discuss if virtual appointments might be useful to you. 

Thank you again for your business, your support, and your friendships. 

We will all get through this and we will all be stronger for it. 



The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta defines urgent as:

  • Services cannot be provided using an alternate form of delivery, such as telerehabilitation.


  • In the absence of physiotherapy services, the patient will require health-care services in an emergency department setting (e.g., severe pain requiring physician intervention or prescription medication to manage that pain).

  • The patient is an essential service provider (e.g., health care provider, first responder) who is unable to work  due to an acute injury or exacerbation or a pre-existing condition, whether that injury is WCB compensable or not.

  • The patient is seeking services related to a recent surgery or removal of a cast/immobilizer.

  • In the absence of physiotherapy services, the patient’s functional status will deteriorate to the point of requiring invasive management or hospitalization in the foreseeable future.

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